So you are pregnant and thinking about hiring a doula, but how do you choose one?

Look no further, I am going to share my best tips to help you find a doula that is right for you.

Choose a doula that you connect with. 

This is the most important thing! A doula could have all the training and experience in the world, but if you don’t connect on a deeper level, it is not going to work very well. Is this a person you could be friends with? Is this a person you are truly comfortable with? Is this a person that will provide you will non-judgmental support? Remember, your partner should also connect with your doula. Trust your instincts. Just because a person is a doula does not mean they are the right doula for you. 

Choose a doula that is educated.

A doula should be well educated and be able to provide not only emotional support, but also knowledge about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. In addition, a doula should have resources and a referral network that can support your journey into motherhood, and not leave you hanging.

Choose a doula that supports ALL kinds of births. 

Unfortunately, there are birth workers out there shaming women who have a medical birth. Birth is not a contest, and you should make your own informed decision without feeling pressured or ashamed. You never know how your birth will go, and you should choose a doula that will make you feel supported and seen no matter what. 

Choose a doula that has a plan about the postpartum period. 

A doula should be able to help you and your partner transition into parenthood, and care for you in the postpartum period. A doula in the postpartum period is there to mother the mother in this very special and vulnerable time.

Other important thing to consider are:

– When is you doula on-call? A doula should be on-call at least from week 38 until baby is born, and you should not have to pay extra if you go past your due-date. 

– How will they support you and your partner? Every doula has different ways of doing things and different tools they use to support you and your partner, so think about how you want to be supported. 

-Contract. A professional doula will use a contract where things are lined out and clear. This is a protection for you, but also your doula. 

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Maria Hildebrand ved Born Wild Photography er utdannet doula og fysioterapet (PhD) og tilbyr doulastøtte, samt fødselsfotografering i Tromsø, Målselv og omegn. 

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