"What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce." - KArl Lagerfeld

I am Maria. Mum, photographer, adventurer. 
I grew up in Sweden, but Norway stole my heart 20 years ago. Me and my family are currently calling Øverbygd in Northern Norway our home. This is the land above the artic circle, of the midnight sun, the northern lights, and the dramatic scenery with steep mountains and wilderness for miles.

I try to follow my heart and dreams and often take non-traditional choices, for example when I started my photography business after just finishing my PhD in Physiotherapy. Well, I have never regretted that choice!

Photography for me is about telling your story and capture genuine emotions. It is about capturing the in-between moments together with the people you love the most. The wind in your hair, the smiles, how your eyes light up when you look at each other, the unscripted moments. 

If my work speaks to your heart, I would love to connect with you and create beautiful memories together!

all about Maria, the face behind Born Wild Photography

Behind the Lens

I love spending time outdoors, going on small or big adventures together with my family. Outside is our happy place, and I want my children to grow up with a curiosity and passion for nature and being outside. 

The outdoors

When I'm not working, I'm spending all my time with my family. They are my everything! Having children made me braver and I want to teach my children to follow their dreams, even if it goes against the grain, by showing them it's possible!

My family

Since I was a child, I've spent almost every summer here. Hearing the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean breeze and the warm sand on my skin brings me so much happiness and peace of mind. 

Gotland, Sweden

This place just have to be experienced! The midnight sun and the dramatic scenery with steep mountains and wilderness for miles. The long, cold and dark winters when the northern light dances on the sky. Magic!

Northern Norway

My Faves



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