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Are you an aspiring or a new photographer that feel stuck or overwhelmed by having your own business? Well, I know how it feels. Working as a photographer can feel lonely at times and it's so much more than just taking a beautiful image. With a background from supervising and mentoring students, educating new photographers is a passion of mine. I truly believe community over competition. If you want to hear more about a mentoring session with me, contact me below!

Helping you to build a business that feels like YOU 

"In the mentoring session with Maria, we talked about everything from optimizing workflow and image editing to professionalism when dealing with customers. Maria is serious and believes that we photographers are colleagues rather than competitors - this is reflected in the tutoring sessions where she freely shares her knowledge! Highly recommend a mentoring session with her!" - Tuva

"I got a lot of help from Maria, and learned a lot of things that I hadn't even thought of myself. Maria was very interested in knowing what I needed help with and she is skilled and very pleasant to talk to." - Louise

"I have followed Maria and her work for quite some time and I was very happy to see that she was offering mentoring sessions. I found it very helpful. As a photographer it sometimes feels lonely, and to have her view my work and give feedback was 👌 She also shared freely of her knowledge and was easy to talk to. An overall positive experience!" - Malin

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