A New and Intimate Way of Documenting You Unique Love Story

Add a GIF video to your package to really tell your epic love story of your elopement day in a modern and special way.

What is a GIF Video?

A GIF video is a moving clip that consist of many still images. For me to make one GIF, I need to take around 15-30 images. So for a GIF video consisting of 20 GIFs, that means I have to take 300-600 additional photos, in addition to edit them all. Your GIF video will tell your story, from start to finish and is a modern and creative way to document your love. Your GIF video will consist of both GIFs (moving parts) and still images, and will have both music and a voiceover of your vows if you want.

What is Included in a GIF Video package?

  • A beautiful edited GIF video, 3-5 minutes long. The video will consist of both GIFs (between 20-30 GIFs) and still images. You will be able to download the video and share it with family and friends.
  • You will also get each individual GIFs to share on social media or family and friends.
  • Licensed music to your video. You can also choose to add a voiceover of you reading your personal vows, in addition to the music, to make the video even more personal.
  • More images to your gallery.

Who can Book a GIF Video?

GIF videos can only be booked as a add-on to your elopement or wedding package, or your couple session.

I am sold and want a GIF video to tell our love story: Inquire below, or send me an email on hello@bornwildphotography.no.

  1. Raini Rowell says:

    Wow these are just breathtaking! It’s such an incredible storytelling tool- I can imagine these are popular!

  2. Jen says:

    A gif video is such a unique and valuable addition to any wedding or elopement package. You capture stories so beautifully with them!

  3. Magdalena says:

    I can imagine your clients love these gifs added in their stories. Such an incredible way to enrich the storytelling of weddings or elopements!

  4. Marta says:

    These gifs are all so fun an beautiful, I love them!

  5. Dakotah says:

    GIF’s are great creative additions for weddings and elopements, love all the ones you’ve shared . . . so well done!

  6. Kate H says:

    What a great idea! Like a mini movie, and reminds me of the moving pictures in Harry Potter!

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