A pre-wedding shoot is when the couple dress in their wedding outfits to get their wedding images taken in a beautiful spot with stunning landscape. This often takes place several months before the wedding (but some also choose to do it after the wedding). Here you can read why you should take them.

There are many benefits with a pre-wedding (or post-wedding) shoot:

  1. Wedding days are often packed and give you limited time and options for location. However, during a pre-wedding session you can pick any location you want, without having to think about time and anyone else than yourself and your partner. You can go for an amazing mountain backdrop, waterfall, beach. You choose! The options are endless.
  2. You can choose the time when the lightning is as it best. Weddings often take place during the day when the sun is very high in the sky. The bright light creates very harsh shadows which might not always look flattering. However, photographing before sunrise or sunset solves this problem. During sunrise and sunset the sun’s rays are coming from a more horisontal angle, meaning that the rays have to pass through a lot more of the earth’s atmosphere before reaching you. This makes the light more soft and diffused, and the images will look golden and beautiful.
  3. You have more time to get creative and have some fun, without stress.
  4. You get a chance to see how your hair and make-up will look like in photos before the wedding, and maybe change somethings that didn’t look or feel good.
  5. You can showcase the images at your wedding.
  6. You get to wear your wedding outfit more than once.
  7. On your wedding day you can relax, and spend more time with family and friends because you already have beautiful images of you two. You don’t have to think about driving to a location and spending time on taking images.

If you are thinking about a pre-wedding shoot in Northern Norway there are many place to choose from.

Lofoten Island is probably one of the most famous place to go to. Here you will find untamed landscape with steep mountains meeting the ocean. The perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding session.

Senja Island, a bit further north than Lofoten, is Lofoten’s little sister. It is just like Lofoten, but a little less busy.

Lyngen Alps is little of a hidden gem with dramatic scenery and hidden mountain lakes. This place will really caught your eyes.

If you are thinking about a pre-wedding shoot in Northern Norway, I would love to help you create a wonderful experience. I will help you plan your day, finding the best locations for your dream day!

Please feel free to contact me today about your pre-wedding shoot in Norway!

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