Wedding Photographs Under the Stars

Your elopement or wedding day doesn’t need to wrap up when the sun goes down! Trust me, after sunset it’s when the real magic begins!

As a photographer, I absolutely love it when my couples are up for capturing stars or, if we’re super fortunate, the mesmerizing northern lights. Picture this – your wedding photographs taken beneath the open sky while the northern lights put on a show overhead. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! If you are mostly interested in Northern Lights Photography, check out my blog post Can You Get Married Underneath the Northern Lights?

Here are some ways to make your night wedding photos extra special.

Have a bonfire.

This is such a cozy way to enjoy your evening. The fire keeps you warm and you can have a relaxed moment enjoying a hot chocolate and roasting some marshmallows. The fire will provide us with beautiful light for the photographs.

Wedding couple outside next to a big bonfire

Bring out the lanterns!

The soft glow from the lanterns really add a romantic and intimate ambiance to your photos. And even if you don’t get to see a sky full of stars due to clouds or the night not being dark enough (hello midnight sun), the lanterns still creates a stunning atmosphere and you can get some really unique wedding photos.

If you want to include night photography on your elopement or wedding day, there are a few things to think about.

The best time during the year

As I mentioned shortly before, in Northern Norway we have the midnight sun during the summer. This means that the sun is above the horizon the entire day and night, so during this time you will not be able to see any stars. If you want to include star photography and get married in Northern Norway you should choose a date between September to April.

The best location for star photography

You want to choose a location with as little light pollution as possible. In other words , you need a location away for the city. The good thing with choosing to get married in Norway is that we have a lot of excellent locations for star photography that are easy to access and don’t involve a long hike. I will help you find the best location for your day and your wishes.

Choosing the right photographer

If star photography is important for you, you have to choose a photographer with knowledge abut astrophotography. Photographing during the night pushes the gear to the limits, and your photographer has to know how to handle different kinds of scenarios. Just a simple thing as getting the focus right is difficult at night if you are not used to it.

If you love to include star photography on your wedding day, I would love to help you plan an amazing wedding experience in Norway.

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