How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Elopement or Intimate Wedding

Congratulations on deciding to elope or have an intimate wedding! Now it is time to start thinking about your flowers. Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different choices? Dont worry! I got your back. Read on for my best tips in finding your unique flowers for your elopement day.

To get started on finding your flowers and what you like, and don’t like, head over to Pinterest and Instagram for some research. These two apps are great places to find inspiration. As you keep searching you will notice patterns in the types of floral arrangements and colour palettes that you are most drawn to. You also need to think about your budget for flowers before moving on.

Different kind of flower arrangements

When people think about wedding flowers, they often think about a bouquet. But eloping or having an intimate wedding is all about doing it your way. There are no rules. Think about what YOU want for your wedding day. You can incorporate flowers in so many other ways then a bouquet, for example floral crowns or belts, floral arches, boutonnieres, or anything else you can think about.

Wedding flower colour palette

Think about the overall vibe and feel you want for your day and which colours can capture that best. Do you want something moody and dark, something more bright, or something really colourful?

Shapes and styles of your wedding flowers

Your flowers can be styled in different ways, each offering a different look and vibe. Think about your own personal style and theme, and choose flowers that go well with the overall aesthetic of your day. Your elopement is a chance to celebrate your unique style and personalities, so choose flowers that reflect that. If you’re more traditional, you might opt for classic flowers like roses or lilies. If you’re more bohemian or laid-back, you might choose wildflowers or succulents.

My favourite bouquet is a more wild and loosely arranged bouquet which looks really natural and less traditional, and photographs really well. 

Think about the season and location

Depending on when you are getting married some flowers might not be available. I suggest taht you choose in-season flowers to save money and support local florists. If you are having your ceremony outside or eloping you also have to consider things like temperature, wind, will it hold being shoved in a backpack and so on.

Flowers with a special meaning

Choose flowers that have special meaning to you, or flowers with a symbolic meaning such as roses (love) or peonies (romance).

Work with a florist

If you are not sure where to start or are feeling overwhelmed, consider working with a florist who can help you choose the perfect flowers for your elopement. They can provide expert advice and help you create a cohesive look for your special day. There are many benefits in working with a professional florist, including their expertise and access to a wide range of flowers.

If you still feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start, contact me today! As an elopement & intimate wedding photographer, part of my job is to help you find the best local vendors for my couples, including florist.  

Thinking about eloping or getting married in Norway? Be sure to check out my free planning guide, and how much coverage you need from your photographer.

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