Tips & Tricks for Planning a Beautiful Winter Wedding or Elopement in Norway.

A winter wedding or elopement in Norway can be very romantic and magical, however there are many things you need to consider due to the weather. Therefore, as a local wedding photographer living in Northern Norway and being used to long and cold winters, I am going to share my best tips and tricks with you.

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Why a Winter Elopement or Wedding in Norway is amazing!

Choosing a winter elopement or wedding in Norway can be a magical and memorable experience for couples who are looking to tie the knot in a unique and stunning setting. A true arctic experience! Norway is known for its natural beauty, and the winter months offer a particularly stunning landscape. From the snow-capped mountains and frozen fjords to the colorful Northern Lights dancing in the sky, the scenery in Norway during the winter is truly breathtaking. In addition, winter weddings in Norway often have a more intimate and romantic feel, with fewer crowds and distractions. This can be a great opportunity to plan a unique and personal ceremony that reflects your relationship and style. Finally, the winter landscape in Norway provides endless opportunities for stunning wedding photos. From snowy forests and mountains, frozen lakes to cozy firesides and traditional Norwegian cabins, you’ll have plenty of beautiful backdrops to choose from.

Overall, getting married during the winter in Norway can be a beautiful and memorable experience that you’ll cherish for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a unique setting, intimate ceremony, or a chance to celebrate with loved ones, Norway has it all.

Have a Backup Plan

No matter when you are eloping or getting married in Norway, you should always have a backup plan. And this is especially important during the winter months. Be prepared for weather issues, travel delays and so on. Always have a back-up plan, or maybe two! 

Plan Your Day for the Best Light

The days are short during the winter and in Northern Norway we have Polar Nights, meaning the sun is below the horizon in December and January. However, that does not mean it is dark all day. On a clear day we have around fours hours of beautiful soft light, in addition to blue hour, which makes for the most stunning light. If you want to have the most light during your ceremony, go for an earlier ceremony time. Otherwise, just embrace the darkness and get creative with different lightning, such as lanterns and bonfire, and go out for epic wedding portraits under the stars, or if you are lucky, under the northern lights.

Keep Everything in One Place/Venue

Bad weather can make for really bad roads, and if your are really unlucky, closed roads. So try keeping your ceremony and reception at the same place, or close to one another to avoid getting stuck in a car somewhere.

How to Dress to Keep Warm

Choose the Right Wedding Dress & Suit

When choosing your dress, remember the environment you are getting married in. During winter it is very important to not only choose a dress that is beautiful, but also practical. The last thing you want is your day to be ruined because you were too cold. Try choosing a dress from a thicker and warmer material, such as velvet or lace, and opt for a long-sleeved dress. For suit, go for a suit made from varmer material such as wool or cashmere.

Layer Up

Layering is key when it comes to staying warm in colder temperatures. Knowing how to layer and which layers to choose is going to be hugely important to ensure your wedding experience is comfortable. As a base layer, I highly recommend wearing wool or fleece leggings underneath your wedding dress/suit. You can also add on veils, faux fur, capes and shoulder shawls to keep varm and this will also look beautiful in your images. Keep your hands varm with mittens or gloves. When taking portraits outside, bringing a blanket is a great way to keep varm and also makes for really cuddly portraits.

Don’t Forget Winter Boots

Use a par of winter boots when you are outside during your ceremony and portraits. No one will be able to see them under your dress anyway and you will be so much more comfortable keeping your feet warm. Remember to choose a pair of boots with a good grip, so you don’t slip and fall on ice or snow, and leave some extra room in your boots for thick wool socks.

Hand & Body Warmers Will Be Your Best Friend

Body warmers are a must and will keep you warm (or at least warmer ;)). I recommend having several for yourself, and also extra to pass out to your guests.

Prepare Your Guests (if You Have Any)

If you are having guests, really make an effort and prepare them for the environment and encourage them to dress in varm clothes. Give them information on how to dress in your wedding invitation and remind them again before leaving for your wedding. You don’t want guests that are cold and grumpy at your wedding. Have both body warmers and blankets that you can offer to them and perhaps a nearby tent where they can go inside if they think it is too cold during the ceremony.

Serve Hot Drinks

Serving your guests and yourself a hot chocolate or a hot toddy can make a huge difference in the cold, and will be appreciated by everyone.

Take Breaks from the Cold

If the temperature is low, take breaks indoors after your ceremony. This will prevent red noses and cheeks on your pictures. The same goes for when taking your portraits. Go outside for a bit and then have a break inside. You could also light a fire outside to get warm, which makes for great and creative wedding images.

Wedding couple outside next to a big bonfire

By following these tips & tricks, you can help ensure that you have the best winter wedding possible and that you and your guests stay warm and comfortable.

Meet Your Local Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer

I am Maria & I love winter!!

Photography for me is about telling your story and capture genuine emotions. I want you to truly be yourself and I will give you my all to give you the best wedding experience in Norway. My goal is to show up on your wedding day and feel like a friend, because when your walls can come down, that is when the most beautiful moments happen, and to do that, we need a great connection. I will capture all your love, joy, laughter and emotion on your wedding day in the most authentic way possible. 

If my work speaks to your heart, I would love to connect with you and create beautiful memories together!

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